DMC Sports Performance Academy


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Ladies Boot Camps

Kick-start your fitness program, mix up your current routine, and get an intense workout. The DMC Sports Performance Academy is offering a functional training boot camp designed for adults of all fitness levels. Each workout has fun, challenging and intense muscle toning exercises that incorporate the entire body. This strength training circuit will utilize cutting edge equipment and exercises to tone your core, legs and upper body. Burn fat, improve your endurance, and have fun at the same time.

Speed, Agility, Quickness and Reaction Training

Small goup rainin for kids will focus on the proper mechanics of runnng along with drills to improve mobility, strenght, balance and reaction.

  • Linear speed
  • Front and backside mechanics
  • Sprint mechanics
  • Acceleration and deceleration
  • 1st Step quickness
  • Multi direct change of direction
  • Explosive leg power
  • Game speed reaction time


Team Warm-Up

The proper warm-up is an essential part of the training process to ensure peak performance. The purpose of a warm-up includes:

  1.     Increasing Heart Rate
  2.     Increasing Core Temperature
  3.     Turning on the Neuromuscular System

The DMC warm-up will prepare your team for a successful practice and match Available for team scenario only.

$75 per team ranging from 30-45 minutes.

Core & Plyometric Training

Your legs and arms are only as strong as your core. DMC’s core and plyometric training uses a unique eight phase training program that you cannot simply achieve with crunches. This program will strengthen, stabilize and provide power to the core the proper way so that your training will carry over onto the soccer field.

Individual Athlete Assessments

This program is designed for the athlete who wants to reach their pinnacle of performance. Each athlete is tested with a rigorous assessment similar to the NFL, NBA or WNBA combine. The information gained will not only help you become a better athlete, it will help you understand where you rank in performance measures compared to others in your sport.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) identifies the athlete’s strength weaknesses and/ or flexibility limitations and how they are affecting their movement patterns in sport. Any weakness or limitations directly correlates with decreased speed, agility, quickness and power in sport. Corrective Movement exercises can be developed for each individual to build their base of mobility and stability and thus improve sport performance.

Sport Specific Skill Testing
Each athlete will be tested in a variety of sport specific skills. The assessment will include state of the art filming and computer analysis with Dartfish Sports Software.

Sprint Technique
Evaluation of your technique with specific recommendations for improvement. A fully automated timing system with 1/100 – second accuracy is used in the assessment. Information will include a ranking of your speed based on gender and age.

Evaluation of you technique with specific recommendations for improvement. Assessment includes jump height and ground reaction force time. The Just Jump computerized system is utilized to gather the data. Information will include a ranking of your jump based on gender and age.

Sport Specific Skill Assessment
Each major skill your sport requires will be assessed for correct technique by the Dartfish Sort Analyzer.

Upon completion of you assessment you can chose to begin a sport specific training program to improve any deficits your assessment has identified and help you become the ultimate athlete.

Individual Athlete Assessment/Training Pricing

Mini Assessment

-Feet assessment
-Strength: Lower body, core , upper body

Full Assessment

-Mini Assessment
-Sort Specific Skill Testing
-Sprint Technique
-Jumping Evaluation
-1 hour free training Session