About Ultimate Soccer Arenas

Be a Part of the Future of Soccer in Michigan

ULTIMATE SOCCER ARENAS includes fields that are “state of the art” Astro-Turf GameDay grass XPE with built-in TurfAide, in-laid striping and the latest in infill to the envy of any sport.

Amenities include: restaurant/coffee shop, pro shop, state-of-the-art DMC Sports Performance & Rehab center, team party rooms, coaches room, referees room, locker rooms, multiple restroom facilities, HD TV & wireless access, plenty of seating throughout and a second floor mezzanine viewing deck for all fields.

The entire facility has been built to the finest standards and energy efficiency with R-30 insulation rating in all areas. Air conditioning, heat and indirect lighting are designed for the highest quality of play.

There are four full size 11 v 11 fields (110 yds x 75 yds) and one full size 8 v 8 field (85 yds x 47 yds). The 8 v 8 field can be played as two 6 v 6 fields or a large lacrosse field. The three 11 v 11 fields can also be played as four 8 v 8 fields (75 yds x 50 yds) or eight 6 v 6 fields. The outdoor field is a 11v11 field (120 yds by 75 yds). All configurations meet or exceed FIFA requirements for indoor or outdoor play.

For all Ages Ultimate Soccer Arenas is the Ultimate Place to Call Your Home Field!

Ultimate Soccer Arenas is the home to  local soccer & lacrosse clubs. All-American Lacrosse, NATIONALS, UNITED FC, & LIVERPOOL F.C. MICHIGAN use Ultimate for their training and games. We will be host to a variety of Michigan Youth Soccer travel teams and leagues for all ages. Camps and children’s programs will be available year round. In addition to our state-of-the-art fields our facility includes a DMC Sports Performance & Rehab Center to help any athlete condition and train to be winners. If your team or club is interested in playing at Ultimate Soccer Arenas call us at (248) 648-7000 or contact us online.

Youth Leagues

Ultimate Soccer Arenas' Youth Soccer Leagues are broken up into two sessions running for 9-10 weeks depending on calendar holidays. Age groups range from U-8 through U-18 boys and girls. All games are played on "outdoor style" fields and follow the same FIFA rules. On occasion, teams may be scheduled to play a double header. Registrations are only accepted for organized teams, not for individuals. Game formats are as follows; U8-U9 play 6v6,U10-U11 7v7, U12 play 9v9, U13-U18 play 11v11.

Adult Leagues

Form your own team of friends and colleagues. Ultimate Soccer Arenas' Adult Soccer leagues run 6 - 9 weeks in length, depending on the season of play. See league page for details on individual league length. All adult leagues run under the format of 8v8. Expect 1-2 games per week and the possibility of double headers and/or bye weeks. All games are played on "outdoor style" fields and follow the same FIFA rules with these exceptions; no slide tackling, off-sides not enforced, sub on the fly. Registrations are only accepted for organized teams, not for individuals. However, we may be able to assist individuals in being placed on a team. Adult Soccer Leagues offer 75 x 50 fields with state of the art Astro-Turf GameDay grass XPE and the highest quality in lighting giving you the highest level of play. A plush environment with air conditioning & heat, without all of the weather delays, is great for the family to come watch your game in. Come check out our Upper 90 Pub with the team.  Adult leagues run year round for all age brackets in Men’s and Women’s divisions.

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