Overview of Ultimate Soccer Arenas


Ultimate Soccer Arenas is designed to provide a meaningful and enjoyable experience for athletes of all ages and abilities. We host a variety of Michigan Youth Soccer travel teams and leagues for all ages. We have training and rental times available for other sports too.

Some things to keep in mind about our leagues:

  •     Most sessions consist of 10 games for youth and 8 games for adult leagues - You may have byes or doubleheaders, but you will play 10 games for youth and 8 games for adult         leagues, unless noted otherwise.
  •     Your session deposit and a credit card number must accompany each team's registration. No team will be enrolled in a league without meeting these requirements.
  •     Your credit card will be charged if your team fee is not paid in full by your 2nd or 3rd game depending on your league.
  •     We reserve the right to move teams up or down an age class or competitive class based on competitiveness.
  •     We also reserve the right to combine age groups or divisions without notification.
  •     Refer to our League Policies & Procedures PDF for requirements regarding schedule requests.


What cleats should I wear?
Wear what you would normally wear to play outdoors, but metal tipped spikes are NOT ALLOWED!

How do I register my Team?
To register your team you need to hold the spot with half of the session fee as a deposit. The deposit can be paid by check, cash, credit card. There are many ways to register: online, by phone (248) 648-7000, by mail it in, or in person at our office.

When is my Team Balance due?
We request that all fees for youth teams are paid by the second game and all fees for adults leagues are paid by the second game.

When is my Roster Due?
Prior to your league starting you will need to fill out your roster. As a Team Manager, you will receive a link via email after registering your team. You must click on the link and fill out your team roster. From there each player will then receive an email with a link that they have to click on to be able to accept their waiver. Everything is done electronically. There is no more paper to worry about!

If I need a reschedule who do I contact?
Schedule requests must be sent to Dawn Fitzgerald two weeks prior to the start of the league.
Reschedule requests should be submitted as soon as possible once the schedule is published.
Schedule requests will be considered but are not guaranteed.

If my team cannot play during the session how do I let you know?
When registering your team please email your request to Dawn Fitzgerald. These are not guaranteed but we will do the best to accommodate them.